Your one stop shop for all you regulatory and permitting.


At Vanoco Consulting, we act as a conduit between industry and policymakers in the upstream oil and gas industry. With constant rule changing and the lengthy process of permitting, our customers lean on us to take care of the busy work so that they can take care of their core business. With our staff of regulatory analysts, we know how to navigate the rules, negotiate with regulatory agencies, and identify any obstacles that may need to be addressed early on in the planning stages of your project. The end result is a complete permit application, a smoother review process, and a faster approved permit in your hand, so you keep your rig moving and your projects on track.

  • Prepare and submit all required registration forms with the county, state, federal government, and applicable regulatory agencies
  • Submit all required bonding to applicable agencies
  • Prepare and submit all state and federal transfer forms for large or small acquisitions
  • Prepare and submit work-over reports, sundry notices, completion reports and any additional post-drill requirements
  • Monitor and track underground injection control wells, temporarily abandoned wells, and other daily regulatory requirements
  • MIT monitoring and submittal
  • Prepare and submit all applicable forms to plug and abandon a well or formation
  • Manage reclamation process
  • Prepare and submit state and federal permits to drill, including obtaining and reviewing all applicable exhibits
  • Prepare and submit state and federal underground injection control permits with applicable agencies
  • Prepare Surface use plans, BMP’s and other required exhibits that are to be submitted
  • Organize and track permit status once submitted
  • Attend on-site consultations
  • Prepare and submit commingling applications
  • Build production reporting systems
  • Prepare and submit operator reporting paperwork to secure Operator ID
  • Monitor production of wells to gather month end production reporting data
  • Allocation procedures for oil and water production
  • Prepare State and Federal production reports including ONRR OGOR reporting
  • Quality check data